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Does research paper in four hours before class.

I’m a terrible person.


Now do I want to walk back and have like 10 minutes of reprieve (and park closer to arnold when people leave their 4:30 classed) or do I just fuck around for half and hour but maybe run into my american art professor?


SCAD apparently send you an email if you have an F midterm THAT WAS REALLY ALARMING

my professor says she didn’t have a record for my streaming gestures so it brought me down to an F.

She put my work on the wall.


This project is slowly becoming an explanation of what it’s like after art school. 

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I can also just make a notepad document and the search thing will find it inside easy enough pfft.

hhh idk I just keep thinking about it

but how can we talk about the specific jobs that would suit me and then just dump a big list of places that have hired SCAD animation students, who probably have character design from a list out of your email?

would it be that hard to set up a tagged database for this?? So instead of just shooting in the dark googling companies to see what they do and if they’re located anywhere I need them to be/employ, you could pull up location, majors/jobs applied. website, etc. and cross reference them?




Witty banter


Give me a sequel to this.

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I know that the Carer Services isn’t going to do everything for you

but I thought they would…do something? Not just give advice. Thank you for a massive link dump of companies vaguely related what I may kinda do but

that’s a lot of information that you could probably just put on your website?? Like…I guess we’ll see as I go on but :|

dang they finally got me

have a sticker on my scad card

atleast it’s an ACTUAL sticker instead of them putting tape over it

"Late papers will be downgraded 1 point for every subsequent class they are late and will not be accepted after Thursday May 1st."

Do you mean 1 letter grade or 1 point? ‘Cause. Yeah.

Either way I’m just going to do as much as I can before class, but not going to kill myself over it.

Oh wow there’s a special myscad blackboard section for the Foerster’s classes.

"Technology Beyond The Classroom", that’s a nifty title.